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We provide a comprehensive out patient addiction medicine services out of offices in Wellesley, MA and Chelmsford, MA.

Alcohol Withdrawal
Opiate Addiction
Benzo Addiction
MAT Program


If you can't find a hospital detox bed, now you can trust our home detox services from the comfort & privacy of your home.

Alcohol Home Detox
Opiate Home Detox
Benzo Home Detox
Addiction Nurses


Our out patient patient addiction medicine and home detox services are supplemented by an active counseling services.

Addiction Counseling
Case Management
Family Counseling

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We are a caring and compassionate team, of board-certified physicians and highly experienced and trained addiction counselors and therapists. Our willingness to go an extra length & by making us available more than a normal medical office and be there when a patient needs whether in-person visit or video consultation with our doctor or counselors/therapists for patients with busy schedules. We also believe in the continuity of care. Our electronic medical record is accessible to whole team members irrespective of which location you have visited us or consulted us using video consults. We also firmly believe in coordinating your care with patient’s family, primary care and psychiatrist

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Addiction Treatment Boston, MA

Due to improved drug addiction treatments Massachusetts saw an 11% drop in opiate related overdose mortality in first half of 2019 compared to same period in 2018.

Still there were almost a 1000 confirmed or estimated opiate addiction related deaths. Though addiction treatment centers are providing marvelous services and trying this best to serve patients when they need most but presence of Fentanyl is not helping. Fentanyl is synthetic chemical from opiate family which is 50 to 100 more potent than Morphine. In areas surrounding Boston Massachusetts toxicology results from opiate overdose victims revealed presence of Fentanyl in 92% of overdose cases. Carfentanil is another agent in southeast but fortunately drug addiction treatment centers have not encountered in our patients commonly. Easy availability of other drugs especially benzodiazepines make problem even worse. Human body has mechanisms to respond and try to overcome the respiratory depression due to opiate addiction overdose and tries to wake person up, but presence of benzodiazepine drugs like Ativan, Klonopin and Xanax etc. dampen the fight and flight response and patients body does not try to wake patient or increase respiratory rate and blood pressure which we wound normal expect. We at Unique Health believe we are part of solution to this huge problem. Our services try to health patients suffering from addiction at each step in this process towards aim of sobriety and elimination addiction, i.e. prevention, treatment, recovery and education. At Unique Health we take pride in our services which work with our patient’s lifestyles and we help our best to help them to maintain their and to minimize interruption in their careers. Many of our patients are your people and have busy schedules, that is why our online addiction consultation with our doctors and counselor is an attempt to meet our where they spend most of time and save them time so they can focus on work and families. Similarly, we here almost every day I wanted to get sober but there was not bed in any of hospital detox center in Boston, MA. Our home detox service is an option for those low risk patients who cannot find bed in detox facility when they need. It is hybrid of in person and telemedicine service where patient goes through addiction intake process then we try to see them on same day and get laboratory testing. If felt safe we will start detox process in our office and patient is discharged with sober companion or family member to their home with one day supplies of detox and comfort medicines. Patients gets checked using telemedicine two or three days after hours and our addiction doctors, nurse and receptionist are available to take any call and case is escalated as felt necessary to doctor, and medicine adjusted according to patient’s symptoms. We are not a dual diagnosis facility, but we are in position to treat patients who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction but with stable psychiatric conditions. We collaborate the care of such patients with area addiction psychiatrists and psychologists. Let’s save lives together and please do not hesitate to call or text us if you or your loved one is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. We believe time is essence and compassion is important part of the care for patients at such a sensitive point in their life when they are motivated to get sober and be clean.

Therapies & Treatments

Alcohol Withdrawals

Alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a common addiction and unfortunately, becoming more prevalent over the last three decades.

Alcohol Detox

When medically assisted detoxification from a substance is necessary, options include inpatient hospitalization or at-home detoxification.

Home Detox

Alcohol and opiate addiction is posing such a burden on the health system that patients sometimes cannot find a bed, our program intents to fill that gap.

Opiate Addiction

Opiate use disorder or opiate addiction has reached an alarming levels in the U.S. that the federal government has declared a state of emergency.

MAT Program

There are a variety of evidence-based treatment options for an individual’s struggling with substance use disorders with evidence of better outcomes.

Benzo Addiction

Benzodiazepine addiction have become big concern due to the loss of lives primarily due to mixing benzodiazepines with opiates.

Online Video


We understand patients are busy. We believe they should not be driving for hours, & waiting in the waiting room before an appointment with doctor or counselors. That’s why we give an option of video consultations. Our patients love saving time and money on travel, gas and convenience of their homes or offices.

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