During Covid pandemic we are now offering telemedicine appointments. click here to book, learn more .

How We Serve

Start the journey to sobriety and well-being by making an online appointment or calling us directly. Our intake coordinator will go over few things to make sure we are the right fit to serve your needs.

The next step is usually an in-person visit with our doctor and occasionally with a counselor, if that is recommended or requested. Initial evaluation requires basic blood and urine tests. The test results and patient history provide enough information for our team to decide if you need to detox or start outpatient services. If detox is required, we will determine if detox can be completed safely at home using an addiction nurse and telemedicine. Throughout the process, a counselor will work with you and your family and plan the next steps and refer to residential treatment, intensive outpatient program, or outpatient treatment as necessary.

Rest assured, there is continuity of care from the first call to long-term sobriety. If you are ready to commit we are ready to provide the right path to health and healing.