During Covid pandemic we are now offering telemedicine appointments. click here to book, learn more .

Video Consults

We understand patients are busy and they hate sitting in traffic, suffering through a long commute, and then waiting for the appointment can exacerbate stress which is made even worse by Covid-19 pandemic. We prefer to see patients the first time in-person with the doctor and counselor but unfortunately Covid-19 had almost closed that option. To meet the needs of our patients during this critical times we have invested heavily and implemented telemedicine program. Patient's can follow up using addiction medicine video consultations for subsequent sessions. Our patients enjoy saving time and money on travel time, gas, and convenience of their homes or offices and most importantly save un-necessary exposure to outside world where concern for viral spread continues.

We have partnered with area labs with the ability for observed specimen collections to avoid having patients driving to our office for random drug screens. 

Our doctors and counselors can see patients from their own homes, which also saves them time and money without compromising patient care.