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Job in Addiction!

Role of Stable Job in Addiction


Right back to work

That's my answer to the question of what a substance-dependent recoveree should do following the first stage of treatment--medical detoxification. 

Of course, if that bridge has been blown, or partially damaged, I would still favor work.

As in the work to obtain work, that is.

If you are checking in today before locks have been changed, pink slips (or even warnings) issued, restraining orders filed, or attorneys contacted, odds are you have at least one friend.

Your job 

While the ubiquitous recovery industry credo of delaying any return to normalcy until someone is "fully-recovered" sounds good, reality on the ground, if you will, is much different.

Offering a menu of delay to individuals whose disease begs for procrastination is, I believe, contra-indicated in many cases of early recovery. In fact, recommending residential treatment after the first phase of medical detox often creates three major piles of doubt:

About the gravity of what just happened;

About the gap in one's resume;

About the ability to return to stable employment.

Should this be your first treatment, please pay attention.

Long-term unemployment and its exhaustive yoke on the advance of sobriety and personal growth can start with a bad decision to favor delay over a tried and true, mutually-inclusive treatment option:

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Indeed, two weeks of either Day or Evening Treatment protocols (depending on your schedule) allow you to return to work AND acquire essential structure, support, and education in the early recovery process.

Understand, please, that in the majority of narratives it turns out that it was the stress of hiding and trying to manage a substance disorder--and not the job itself--that was at issue.

Sure, some folks might consider a new place of employment for the same career. Others may choose to do something completely different. In either scenario, pursuit should parallel the present bread-winners:


And sobriety.

We are here to support both.

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