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Trumps of Addiction

Trumps of Addiction


I want to talk about the Trumps.  

Yes, those people, places, things, and dare I say approaches that offer rare advantages to people in critical situations.  

Indeed, if you vote for these trumps you can, as Webster's Dictionary would promise, "undo, surpass, or excel" over seemingly immovable obstacles.  


Moguls with billionaire pockets had to go through Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to get a casino built in Everett.  

Conclusion: Power trumps money  

Over the past, say, ten years, smaller players have begun to dominate in the National Hockey League,  

Conclusion: Speed trumps size.  

Every day, people drive to the speed limit.  

Conclusion: Being late trumps paralysis.  

So more importantly, what are the trump cards for recovery from substance use disorders?  

Here's a cheat sheet for recoverees, the loved ones of anyone in recovery and anyone working in recovery. And, if you're still curious about this important esoterica at the end of this partial list, please submit your questions to me through this website:  

Medically-assisted therapy trumps self=medication;  

The memory of the pain trumps the Fantasy of Moderation;  

Gratitude trumps resentment;  

Suggestions trump advice;  

The gift of desperation trumps the weight of procrastination;  

Gratitude trumps boredom;  

Amends trump guilt 

Pause trumps cravings 

Fellowship trumps google;  

Outcomes trump plans;  

"No" trumps people-pleasing;  

Options trump anxiety;  

Fantasy trumps medication;  

Telling secrets to keep one trumps therapy;  

Chasing trumps getting;  

Acceptance trumps research;  

Virtual relapse trumps actual relapse;  

Yes trump already.  

Vote for the trumps of addiction; they can save lives.

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