Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox Boston MA

When medically assisted detoxification from a substance is necessary, options include inpatient hospitalization or at-home detoxification. The purpose of this treatment in either setting is to provide a safe environment and administer comfort medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. At Unique Health, we can either connect you with a hospital-based detox or try to help to detox from the comfort of your home.

What Does Alcohol Home Detox Entail?

The first visit requires a history and a physical exam performed by our addiction medicine doctor.
Blood and urine testing are performed to see the overall health and liver status and rule out drugs of abuse.
Based on the above information, the decision is made to detox at home or refer to a hospital-based acute detox.
If the decision I at-home detox, comfort medicines are generally prescribed one day at a time.
The patient starts comfort medicine in our office and is seen at least twice a day from home using online video consultation (telemedicine).
Starting on day two or three, our addiction counsellors will engage the patient with individual counselling using online consultations.
Patients have access to our nurse on call 24/7 who will is also in direct communication with the physician.

What Are Results After Alcohol Home Detox

We try our best to help patients achieve long term sobriety. Having said that, addiction is a complicated disease and sobriety depends on multiple factors including motivation, support, and access to medical and psychological support. We do our best to provide the support that opens the door to a lifetime of health and sobriety.


  • Detox at home, like detox at the hospital, does not guarantee success.
  • Detox at home is a concierge model in our office. This is a unique practice model and not paid for by health insurances at this stage.
  • Health insurance may pay for one visit a day but rest of care for home detox is paid by the patient to cover the cost for nurses, doctor, social worker/counsellor to be on call and available 24/7 via telemedicine during detox at home.
  • Medicare patients will need to sign an advanced beneficiary notice.
  • We provide office-based care to Medicaid patients but due to insurance rules, we can not provide the concierge model home detox to Medicaid patients.

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